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The Designer Whisperer

About The Designer Whisperer
The Designer Whisperer is a platform that covers emerging designers and fashionistas to provide a voice to those that don’t have.
The Issue

The Designer Whisperer Launch Party was the brainchild of Director of Public Relations, Elsa Raquel, who decided to share her ongoing love of fashion by highlighting emerging designer talent and creating an outlet / vehicle that would consistently provide support for and create a nurturing environment for younger designers. The DW Launch Event was held on September 15, 2015.

As a core member of Ombre Digital, support for the launch event was critical. The goal was to provide exposure for a few emerging designers as well as the overall platform through this event, an effort that involved the entire team to ensure its success. The challenged existed in creating an environment of high quality industry figures and media with only a two week event leadtime.

The Results

Ombre Digital handled the early development of the Designer Whisperer website as well as promotion for the Soft Launch event for the Designer Whisperer.

  • Due to promotional efforts from our Experiential Marketing team, the event received over 700 RSVP confirmations for the event and over 300 industry professionals in attendance. In addition, the event was covered by Revenge Fashion Magazine, along with other media outlets including Latinista as well as coverage on a plethora of blogs such as Fashion Nexus, DJ Super Fashion Hero, The Stylish City and Las Neoyorquinas. This of course was in addition to a great deal of attention via Instagram and Twitter for the event.
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