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The Art of Tango

Tango Leike

About Tango Leike
Tango Leike is an Italian footwear designer of stylish tango shoes for women and soon men.
The Issue

Tango Leike’s presence in it’s native Argentina and Italy was strong, but lacking compared to competitors in the states. The brand needed support in a variety of areas, as their digital presence was oft-neglected due to high production demand (many of the shoes are still hand-crafted), trend and materials research and other product development. It also did not help that the only person responsible for marketing also had to handle creative direction, public relations and events for the brand. Ombre Digital was sought out as an external marketing and creative team for Tango Leike

The Results

Tango Leike experienced immediate periods of moderate growth followed by increased brand engagement as we worked on various areas around the brand.

  • Increased overall content output of the brand while directly connecting with a larger portion of the following on Facebook creating more engaging yet on-brand content.
  • Directly impacted growth on social media, leveraging a mixture of organic and paid methods to achieve a growth of over 14% in a little under three months, resulting in almost 2,000 new followers.
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