Koviem 2018 Brand Relaunch with Ombre Digital
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Custom Suiting Redefined


About Koviem
Koviem was born out of a simple idea: custom suiting needs a feminine experience. The brand fills that gap with stylish suits for the modern woman.
The Issue

Koviem’s founder, Kevwe Mowarin, sought support from talented digital marketers to help her launch her upstart label focused on providing custom suiting for modern women. The primary challenge was developing a strategy that simultaneously would build brand awareness, drive engagement with subscribers that had joined the mailing lists months prior and attract a new customer base. Initially, her launch was scheduled for January 1st.

As a young entrepreneur with limited resources, Kevwe sought to assemble a team capable of helping achieve these objectives. The goal was to create a strategy and action this in an expeditious yet professional brand oriented manner with a two week event leadtime.

The Results

Ombre Digital conceptualized and directed a comprehensive brand-specific launch strategy for Koviem, driving engagement and awareness through multiple channels while also targeting modestly aggressive performance indicators.

  • Through digital advertising, primarily on Facebook and Instagram, we drove almost 20,000 impressions while also adding almost 75 new leads for the brand’s mailing list with a key demographic of 25 – 34 working women in professional or business services related fields, such as entrepreneurship, legal, finance, administration and management.
  • Directly designed and managed a multi-part drip email campaign introducing new subscribers to the brand.
  • Worked with influencers, such as Life in Beverly Heels and Ana Kasparian, to drive an additional 175,000 social impressions through content posted about the brand on Instagram as well as custom interviews for the Koviem Collective (blog).
Our digital fashion marketing services helped Koviem relaunch successfully. Now see how we can help you grow.