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Lucky Staffers Are “Lucky” Indeed

We recently discussed how monitoring the staffers who departed Lucky Magazine was a great move for PR professionals and small businesses alike. With Lucky in flux and the movement of high profile editorial influencers still being discussed, publicists abroad took the opportunity to continue to maintain relationships with those editors who would hopefully land at another magazine targeting their client’s audiences. While most fashion entrepreneurs were too busy to track the movements of the less known staffers, those higher up like Eva Chen made huge movements that will have a profound impact on how brands can be managed worldwide. The Daily took the time to track these movements, both high profile and less so. Here’s where some of the staffers ended up and what it means to your business.

Eva Chen

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Definitely the most well known of the Lucky Magazine staff, Eva wasn’t even around for the magazine’s closure, having previously departed in April. However, Eva took to Instagram just four weeks ago to announce her new role as Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram. Instagram is already an insanely popular platform for fashionistas and brands alike, with quite a few major luxury brands and labels on the platform as well as a bevvy of huge models, fashion bloggers and industry insiders. This move means there will more likely be a greater play by Instagram to capture advertising dollars of one of the world’s largest industries. For the smaller business, this likely means more opportunities for unique branded experiences and ways to tell the brand’s story via Instagram.


Katia Kuethe

Kathia Kuethe, Former Lucky Creative Director

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Creative Direction just comes easy to some, as is evidenced in the career path of Katia Kuethe. The former Creative Director at Lucky is now a Creative Director of Marketing at Abercrombie and Fitch. The only impact to small businesses here is that Abercrombie may have a few less shirtless men in their ads.


Noelle Sciacca


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Noelle Sciacca was the Market Editor at Lucky, but has since found a role as fashion reporter at Mashable. This one’s a no brainer for the fashion entrepreneur as Mashable reports on social media just as much as it does fashion. Noelle typically covers the intersection between the media and fashion, but the key fact is that she’s now a smaller fish in a bigger pond. Watch her style though, as Noelle will definitely find a way to create a few pieces based on trending looks like culottes.


Annie Tomlin

Annie Tomlin, Beauty Director of Self

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Anne Tomlin was the former Beauty Director at Lucky Magazine and is now the Beauty Director at Self. If anything, this bodes well for brands that previously pitched Lucky Magazine with cosmetic and bodycare products as the markets for Lucky and Self definitely overlap with image-conscious, forward thinking women from their 20s to their late 30s. Brands that have had a previous relationship with Anne will find that the nature of their relationship hasn’t really changed.


Maura Brannigan

Maura Brannigan

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Of course, the one who wrote the Fashionista news story about Eva Chen was none other than Maura Brannigan, who held a role as a Digital News Writer for Lucky Magazine but made the jump to Associate Editor for Fashionista. Maura has been on the beat for quite some time now, interning at various high level publications before moving her way up. Maura loves to cover more high profile fashion related moves, but occasionally does celebrity style and outfit related pieces, so as a small fashion business if you have something that would look great on Maura, be sure to get in touch.


Of course, the Daily has a bigger picture of who went where with the Lucky glossy and many of the editors went laterally to work at another firm in the same industry or the assistants took the opportunity to move up. Paying close attention to the moves of these and similar editors is always a great idea for the small brand, as a Junior Fashion Assistant today is the Fashion Director of tomorrow. See the full list at

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